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Womens Group Therapy available now

Womens Group
Ongoing Group Therapy for women of all ages struggling with addiction, 7.30pm Monday evenings. All are welcome, $25 per session.

Member of NYMHCA
OASAS Certified Counselor

(917) 817 2820

Amy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Couneior

Individual Psychotherapy for Adolescents, Teenagers and Adults.
Specializing in Alcohol and Substance Abuse and the mental health problems that often go along with it such as anxiety, bi-polar disorder, depression, otherwise known as co-occurring disorders.


(917) 817 2820

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Video Counselling

Using your cell phone, i-pad or computer
by prior arrangement.

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IMPORTANT - If you are in a state of considerable distress, phone and video counselling are probably not the best methods of seeking help. In such a situation, the protective and nurturing environment afforded by meeting face-to-face is likely to be much safer for you and far more effective.

Why choose telephone-based, or video counselling?

     Video counselling may be suitable for people who:

  • live or work too far away to access traditional face-to-face sessions.
  • travel away from home on a regular basis, studying or working abroad.
  • are short on time to have a face-to-face session.
  • bad weather makes travel difficult.
  • are single parents, for whom childcare may be difficult to arrange.
  • have a mobility impairment, or other disability.
  • feel too shy to attend face-to-face sessions, at least initially.
  • need a safe environment during a Corona Virus outbreak.

    However, there are some clear disadvantages to telephone counselling:
  • it lacks visual cues, so non-verbal communication can be missed.
  • interacting over the phone can feel a little distant.
  • the client must be able to guarantee an uninterrupted, quiet and private place to call from.

    Video counselling - though more effective than working over the phone and a good alternative to face-to-face sessions does have some unique challenges of its own; most importantly:
  • it relies on both parties having a stable internet connection
  • again, the client must be able to guarantee an uninterrupted, quiet and private place to call from.